Things you should know about Amber Teething Necklace

Amber teething necklace is custom made and designed for babies. Babies wearing it experience diminished pain caused by teething.

Amber is a natural analgesic that releases healing oils when worn on the skin and helps the babies and also young children to stay more relaxed and calm throughout the process of teething. This is not any magic, so you must know few things about amber teething necklace that makes it important while teething in kids.

Important Points

  • Amber necklaces are a natural remedy that possesses the ability to eliminate the need to give your kids over the counter drugs.
  • Buying an appropriate length such as 12” or 32 cm teething necklaces ensures that it can be worn, but will not fit in the baby’s mouth.
  • Baltic amber necklace is worn as a remedy for teething. These necklaces are not for chewing. It can be worn by the mother as well when she is carrying. It is regarded as a traditional European remedy offering natural pain relief from teething problems.
  • Each amber teething necklace is hand-crafted and carefully polished. The Baltic amber teething necklace is kept round and the specialists are people with generations of experience. Wearing this necklace to your baby gives maximum skin contact and ensures comfort to your child.
  • Baltic amber reduces acidity in a natural way and so babies wearing necklace can reduce common teething symptoms such as swollen gums, fevers, diaper rashes and redness in cheeks.
  • Wearing amber protects from electrical equipment influences as well. The resin has chemical properties that act as an embalming natural agent and so your baby is safe.

White Baby Teething

Significance of teething necklace

Once a baby starts cutting teeth, it becomes a painful process for the parents and infants. They start finding remedies to ensure pain relief. The oldest method is the teething necklace Baltic amber. This can be worn around the neck by the baby. The advantage is that the Baltic amber necklace meant for teething is designed ascertaining safety of your baby. This is done by knotting after and before each bead. Even if the necklace breaks, the bead will stay intact.

The clasp is also laboratory tested and is made from amber/plastic with the screw mechanism. The regular parrot clasp is not used. Moreover, now they are available in lovely colors such as honey, cherry, butterscotch, multi and cognac.  Each necklace comes with tiny air bubbles and the beads appear smooth and soft with round edges making it absolutely comfortable to wear.